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Main Course

Amish Meatloaf by Rusty Nejdl Kjottkaker by Marit
Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken by Sarah Nejdl Lobster Tails with Champagne Vanilla Sauce by Rusty Nejdl
Apple potstickers by Gene Mahi Mahi with Teriyaki Sauce Marinade by Sarah Nejdl
Apple Sunrise (Oatmeal With A Twist!)) by Sarah Nejdl Migas by Matt Musselman
Autumn Pork Stew by Rusty Nejdl Pasta all'amatriciana by Rusty Nejdl
Baby Back Ribs by Lee Gibson Penne with sausage, mushrooms, and red wine by Rusty Nejdl
Bacon-Wrapped Cornish Hens with Raspberry Balsamic Glaze by Sarah Quick & Easy No-Ricotta Lasagna by Sarah Nejdl
Better Homes and Gardens Oh Boy! Waffles by Lee Gibson Roast Leg of Lamb (Greco-Roman Style) by Matt Weyandt (Iron Chef Six Speed)
Chicken and Asparagus with White Wine Sauce by Matt Musselman Roasted Alaskan Salmon with Apple Butter Sauce and Herbed Potato Cakes by Iron Chef Six-Speed and Iron Chef Dogcow
Chickeny-Mushroomy-Ricey Tasty Dinner by Lee Gibson Rosemary Salmon on Spinach and Potatoes by Rusty Nejdl
Class Swiss Cheese Fondue by Rusty Nejdl Shortcut Angel Hair Pasta w/ Chicken by Sarah Nejdl
Filet Mignon with peppercorn-mustard sauce by Rusty Nejdl Steak Au Poivre by Lee Gibson
Glazed Chicken Drumsticks by Sarah Nejdl Tarragon Beef Stew by Rusty Nejdl
Grandma's Make-Ahead French Toast by Lee Gibson Veal Scallopine by Matt Musselman
Hannah's Chicken Enchilda Recipe by Sarah Wild King Salmon with Soy-Worcestershire Marinade by Iron Chef Six Speed
Japanese Miso Teriyaki Beef by Matt Musselman

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