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Main Course   -   Apple potstickers   by Gene

Description Classic pork potstickers with the sweetness of apple. Each potsticker takes on the appearance of a apple wedge as a thin slice of apple matches the curve of the dumpling.
  • dough --
  • ~2 C flour
  • <1 C hot water (not boiling)
  • ~.25 C milk

  • sauce --
  • ginger
  • apple vinegar
  • soy sauce (the strong stuff)
  • apple slices

  • filling --
  • grated ginger
  • ~.5 lb ground pork
  • white pepper
  • salt
  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • wine
  • oyster sauce
  • bok choi (leaves only)
  • grated apple
  • (thin apple slices go on top, do not pare)
  • dried shiitake mushrooms (3)
  • .5 C boiling water
  • oil
Make dough w/ ~1.5 C flour first, mix in hot water slowly, knead in milk, line rest of .5 C of flour lightly on surface to not be too sticky. knead until smooth, let it
stand minimum of 10 minutes.

boil some water (.5 cups), put dried shiitake
mushrooms in minimum of 15 minutes to hydrate.

chop bok choi leaves finely, squeeze out excess water.
mix into ground pork, include finely grated ginger,
soysauce, wine, salt, pepper, and oyster sauce.
sesame oil is used if too dry.

roll out ~33% of the dough btw hands until it's a
column of dough about an inch in diameter. cut it
into an inch sized piece. should probably make around
8 per chunk. roll each of them out to about a 3.5-4
inch wrapper (use fair bit of flour to prevent
sticking). should make around 24-28 total.

cut up mushrooms finely, put into filling. keep the
mushroom fluid. mix together and put about a teaspoon
of the filling per wrapper, a pinch of grated apple,
and wrap dumpling up into wedges. each potsticker
needs to be pinched in the middle first and then
puckered in to be little even crescents. put a thin
slice of apple on each wedge to hint at wedges of
apple. preferably use an apple with more texture (red
delicious) when it dries, and a relatively robust
flavor. strength of the pork weakens the inside apple
(but it provides extra moisture), hence the outside

coat pan with small amount of oil, cover and pan fry
on medium with a few tablespoons of the mushroom
juice. when the first juice is entirely evaporated,
add a few tablespoons more of the juice and when it's
entirely evaporated, check the bottom. when the
bottom is slightly charred (dark brown, not black)
it's ready.

Extra filling can be used in an apple -- cut the apple
in half, include filling, pan fry on medium -- natural
pork juice and the apple juice will provide enough

mix the sauce together to taste.

Serves 24 dumplings
Time to Make 1.5 hrs (dough takes .5)

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